Red Velvet Cake Slice Knitting Pattern

Red Velvet Cake Slice Knitting Pattern


A delightfully irresistible slice of Red Velvet Cake - and with absolutely no calories!

This knitted cake slice is a fun, quick and easy knit and makes an instantly recognisable addition to any collection of play/display food or pin cushions. 

Made using King Cole Big Value Chunky, the written pattern is also suitable for using up other Chunky oddments if tension is checked. 

A collection of play food items makes a great stash buster and whether collected individually or sold collectively at fundraising fairs, these slices are as tempting as the real thing.

Quick and easy to make, the valentine slices are perfect for children’s imaginative play - particularly in toy kitchens - or for kids’ tea parties, teddy bear or doll picnics.
They're great for stimulating learning, whether through counting games or as a teaching resource.
Safe when thrown or dropped, they are also washable at a low temperature.