January is discontinued...

...or, at least, some well-loved yarns are.

One of the most frustrating things about being an independent, knitwear designer is not knowing the shelf-life of your chosen yarns.

I made the mistake of using one of my favourites, Sirdar Moonstone, in several festive knitting patterns for its pretty, glass beads. The range of colours available included the very Christmassy red, green, grey/silver and purple and I'd looked forward to seeing the range extended. No other yarn seemed similar.

And there's my problem.

Far from being extended, the range of Sirdar Moonstone is being discontinued (bah, humbug!)

Who didn't buy it? You? I'm looking at you with a steely expression...

My patterns survived Xmas 2018 as the yarn was still available, though becoming less so. Now, though, in January, I am researching suitable alternatives and will soon begin rewriting, rephotographing and re-knitting my affected patterns. Not such a problem with most, but one is a beautiful (if I say so, myself), occasion-wear shawl - a time-consuming knit - and I've thus far found no yarn to match it. Suggestions welcome...

My beautiful, younger daughter wearing her Celestra Lace Shawl

I think the shawl may end up looking completely different, though still lovely, of course...

Thankfully, I've recently discovered yarnsub.com and can now check all my intended yarns to see whether they are current or discontinued. This doesn't tell me their shelf-life, but allows for fewer disasters. Where a yarn is discontinued, alternatives are offered, though, as you can see, https://yarnsub.com/yarns/sirdar/moonstone Sirdar Moonstone, is well, kind of unique.

Some customers, do, of course, buy a pattern with the intention of using a different yarn which knits to the same gauge and they are well ahead of me in finding their alternative. I'm pretty much there with my festive ornament patterns, but my shawl is still, well, open to offers...

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